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Maintanence&Repair Products

We present you all of your needs under our Maintenance&Repair Category. We care your investment and your visitors joy! Every product deserves to shine by maintainence. Everybody would like to extend their products’ life. For providing maximum sliding comfort, the slide joints contain silicone. This material damages by time with water chemicals and sun light. It is recommended them to be changed every season as it is also customer obligation indicated in EN 1069-2 Water slides European Standard in clause 7. Maintenance instructions. Sun light, sea salt which comes via wind, water chemicals(chlorine, etc), sun creams accumalates on slide surfaces and metal parts of products. These deposits must be cleaned in order to prevent corrosion&colour fades and in order to maintain the slide surface smoothness.We are your reliable partner and we are sharing how to make your maintanence and repairs. Check all the documents from our Home Page in “Documents” section.

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